TW: we're trying to let sterek die
Sterek fandom: lol fine *continues shipping sterek but stops watching tw*
TW: no wait


spirited away is the movie that shaPED MY DREams and goals



realistically the space under my bed is very small so if a monster did in fact live there it would have to also be very small

it would be some kind of baby monster

i would have to look after it

The true horror: responsibility


do u ever feel so obsessed with a song and even though it’s constantly on repeat you feel like it’s just not enough and it you just wanna marry it or something ????


Rose by overflow8


how many bowls of instant noodles am i away from death 


ニャー ニャー!


ニャー ニャー!

Academically, Lydia’s one of the finest students I’ve ever had. Her A.P. classes push her G.P.A. above a 5.0. I’d actually like to have her I.Q. tested. And socially she displays outstanding leadership qualities. I mean, she’s a real leader.